Saturday, September 8, 2012


I spent Friday at the mall searching for jobs (SOMEONE PLEASE HIRE ME ALREADY) and ended up running in to two friends I hadn't seen yet since coming back home. Always good to run in to people you don't expect to see and have missed like crazy. Still so many people I still need to catch up with but glandular fever is still not budging from my body, leaving me constantly tired and with a sore throat.
Yesterday I helped my friend with her photography assignment again, which almost killed me..wearing full black on a sunny day is not something I reccommend. But I'm always glad to help any of my friends out. Saturday night was spent with Claire at mine, we had one of those nights where we did nothing but talk and still had a good time.
This morning I woke up to find yet another sunny day ahead of me and headed to Manly with my brother, his girlfriend and my mum to eat some Yum cha, which has left me with possibly the biggest food baby I've ever had. So worth it though. the rest of the day is reserved for chilling and possibly for a walk along the beach later on, let's see if my body can manage some light exercise. I'm also hoping to go to a One Teaspoon warehouse sale if I can find someone to go with. If someone turned up with a car outside mine and offered to take me I definitely wouldn't complain.

Next weeks plans are catching up with two friends hopefully and on Friday I'm heading to Macquarie uni with some more friends for a little festival called Conception day. Looking for more jobs in Manly and online is probably also on the agenda, as boring and tiresome as it can be...think of the money Emma, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  

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