Tuesday, May 15, 2012

you had a life before me?

Spent my weekend in Kalix to have a bit of a change of environment seeing as the only two places I've been at in the past weeks of exams is at home and at school. We stayed at my morfar's and it feels weird that that's the house my mum grew up in and that the room I slept in, although completely different now compared to how it apparently looked when she was a teenager, was where she used to sleep when she was a few years younger than I am now. It got me thinking that my mum had a complete different life before she had me (obviously) and that maybe she was a complete different person as well, so there's this whole person that I have spent my whole life with that I don't even know completely. Kind of weird that you can never know every single thing about one person as much time as you spend with them and as much as they tell you about themselves. There's always something there that you will just never know.

Besides my trains of thought about my mum, I am now finished with both of my swedish exams as of today and all I have left is biology. In three days I will actually be done forever, I can't even fathom the that my life is about to change completely in a matter of days. Even though change can scare me sometimes, this a change that I am finally looking forward to and have been waiting for for what feels like forever.

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