Tuesday, May 29, 2012

what is done and what is to do

For being off from school, it still feels like there's a lot going on in my life. Or at least a lot going on compared to how little I would actually like to have going on...if that even makes any sense.  I would like to be spending each day every day outside listening to music, reading, napping and just relaxing in warm sunny weather, instead the weather has decided to become colder and windy and I've just been moving some stuff to a second hand store to be sold. I did however see Julia today and spent some time in town with her which was a definite plus.
Tomorrow I will finally have more time to try out some more makeup looks for formal, watch TV, eat a massive amount of food and I may have some other plans later on which may or may not end up happening. We shall see..
Can't believe it's formal on Saturday and Graduation the week after, CAN'T WAIT TO FINALLY START PARTYING AGAIN.

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