Thursday, May 31, 2012

bowling and birthdays

Last nights plans were dinner then bowling which was a great ending to an otherwise uneventful day. I managed to somehow get a strike on my first go then it all went downhill from there and I lost both games. More pictures later once I give Julia a usb and force her to give me all the photos she took last night.

(let's just ignore the fact that I look like an old granny/man in this photo)

You are going to love me for putting up these photos..
But just wanted to say HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to Derya. I am a horrible person and completely forgot about it all day, which I am blaming my goldfish memory for, but I hope you will forgive me..and I did get you something small so I did remember before your birthday, just not on the day :\ Ahh can't imagine what I am going to do without you once I get back home. God I am going to constantly film every single thing I do in my life and just forever spam you, andf of course force you to come visit me sometime. Ok getting a bit sentimental here so I'll srtop now and save that for another time, I'll write you a goodbye letter or something that you can hang up on your wall and look at from time to time and be all "Aw I remember that weird girl from Australia, we had some pretty good times together, I think I'll just book a flight to Sydney now".

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