Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm glad you came

Yesterday led me to some shops with people who I am really going to miss once I'm home again, where I bought a new bikini top (it's actually neon pink but showed up a different colour in the picture), two white singlet tops, one of which I accidently bought in large but I love baggy clothes so it worked out quite well, a denim shirt (already have one but I've been looking for a lighter one for summer), and fake nails and false lashes for formal.
Today led me away from any shops and instead on a bike ride where I got a flat tire so I had to walk instead (still exercise though, so no complaining), to a skype coversation with Mark and to some cleaning in the apartment. Not so much action but it feels good to be able to take my time with things and actually do what I want to do some of the time.
Happy happy days.

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