Thursday, May 3, 2012

I fell in to a burning ring of fire

My Monday night looked a little bit like this. My mum has taken on the task of forcing me outside every day so I don't constantly sit in front of my books locked in my room panicking over my future. I will admit that it feels nice getting some fresh air now and then though.
I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it feels to be done with all my psychology exams, despite them not going as well as I had hoped at all. The fact that one subject is out of the way has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and prepared me to study for other subjects that haven't recieved as much attention lately. It also feels pretty amazing to have internet and tv again, so I have something to do while on a study break, instead of convincing myself of how little I actually know. Speaking of not knowing much, it's about time I get out my maths book and have a look at cumulative frequency, regression lines and interquartile ranges amongst a various amount of other maths-related things I need to revise.
15 days until freedom.

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