Monday, April 23, 2012

reminiscing, as per usual

Been studying like a pro today and just decided to take a break before I start with some biology syllabus points. I have way too much to do and so little time..not a good feeling I assure you.

When I got home my mum was telling me that she looked in to flights home to Australia today and couldn't decide which country we should visit on our way back, which made me realise it's only a bit over 3 months until I can see my family again and spend time with a bunch of friends I have missed, and of course the other retard in this picture who I unfortunately have to call my best friend (I kid, she's awesome and I'm lucky to have her in my life). I mean, it feels like it wasn't long ago at all that I was on my way to Sweden and barely talking to my mum for making me move to the other side of the world. Time goes quickly when you're having fun? I guess it's true. 

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