Saturday, April 21, 2012

after exams..

In a moment of procrastination I decided on all the things I want to do once exams are over, and so far my list is looking a bit like this...

Go shopping for denim shorts, a bikini, converse and various other summer clothes
Go on a massive second-hand shopping spree
Buy shoes for formal and graduation
Work out the makeup look I'm going to wear for formal
Read a book about Kurt Cobain
Sort out my wardrobe and decide which clothes to keep and chuck
Pack up my stuff for when we move out
Write a resume
Exercise every day
Eat healthy!
Get a belly button piercing (when I'm less white and have a flat stomach..could take some time)
Sleep constantly
Get drunk every weekend
Dye my tips light pink (maybe?)
Tan constantly so I don't look like a ghost anymore

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