Friday, March 30, 2012

friday favourites

I happen to have had a pretty amazing Friday. Why you ask? Because I had no school, woke up at 10am (extremely unusual for me), spent my day getting through some arab/israeli war notes, went shopping and picked up 3 new items (pictures tomorrow), and ended the day with pizza along with a mint and strawberry-flavoured yoghurt drink.
I had plans to also buy a second graduation dress but now I've decided against it and will just stick to the one I have for both day and night. This means I can spend the money that would have gone towards that on some shorts for summer, a bikini or shoes instead. Smart choice if you ask me.
Weekend plans consist of studying (EXAMS ARE SO CLOSE AND I'M FREAKING OUT) and hopefully a walk to the shops to have a look around and to get some very much needed exercise and fresh air.

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