Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday morning is every day for all I care

This was the only photo on my phone from last night, so much for my plan of trying to take as many photos as I can. Today I am going strong after 4 hours sleep (but not really, already planned a nana nap for later on) and I've already done some maths study and some work on my maths internal assessment, quite sad I know but that's what happens when the IB consumes your soul.
Still haven't decided whether last night was a good night or just an average one, I did see a lot of people I knew though so that's always a plus and there was a band playing that was so much better than the usual shit we have become accustomed to at Lotus, another plus.

Is it just me that notices some kind of weird face in the bottom right half of the photo? Creepy shit right there.

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