Wednesday, January 18, 2012

white and nerdy

My TOK essay and Written tasks along with their completed rationales are now finished and ready to be handed in. The thing that really sucks about the IB though is that homework, assignments and study is never-ending so as soon as one thing can be crossed off the list, a massive pile of other things get added to it. At the moment my list looks a bit like this:
Finish Psychology IA
Finish Maths IA 
Complete Biology questions on genetics
Answer maths practice exam questions
Read Wuthering Heights
Prepare for English IOC
Read chapters 1-4 in causes, practices, effects history book
Read chapter 3 in France in Revolution book
and on top of that I have to do studying and revision in all of my subjects in preparartion for mock exams as well as the real exams in May.  

BUT, I have no plans on moaning about the work I have to do because the only way to get it all done is to just work hard non-stop. It's worth the effort now if it means I'll get good grades which will help get me one step closer to uni and then to a good career. I know I'm thinking ahead a bit here but if you have some goals in sight, it's a lot easier to motivate yourself to achieve what you need to. Anyway, talking about school is an incredibly boring thing to do so it's time for me to get some food in my belly then to read about the outbreak of the French Revolution. Just felt the need to write this down and I promise I'll make posts about school very scarce after this. 

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