Saturday, January 14, 2012

this Friday night

Jenny's red blotchy arm from drinking that made me fascinated over how alcohol could have that kind of effect on people's skin. Hence the whole taking a photo of it..

Last night wasn't exactly my greatest night out. I started drinking way too early so I was only drunk for a very short period of time, the place we planned on going to was 21+ so we had to find somewhere else to go which ended up being pretty dead, I only slept one hour, and despite the pretty-much-sober-the-whole-time thing I still ended up feeling like absolute shit today and the bus ride home was the worst bus ride of my entire life. Finally getting home however was the most amazing feeling in the world and sleeping from 1:30pm to 5:45pm  was so good. At least I got to see some friends and spend time with them though, and there are more nights out to come that will make me remember why I love being young. In terms of school work though, everything was completely ignored today so plans for tomorrow are a ski trip in the morning then getting a whole heap of work done the rest of the day.

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