Tuesday, December 13, 2011

studying and school is number one

This week has led me to the decision that school is my number one priority right now. Going to gym classes isn't going to happen until after exams anymore, after which I will work my ass off to lose all the extra weight Sweden has given me. I am however going to try and not eat like a pig every single day anymore and cut out all that shitty food that isn't good for my body...or try to at least. It's time for some prime focus to get me through mocks and exams next year!  My god I am turning in to a massive IB nerd, or more of one at least.
Aside from this revolutionary decision I've come to, I've also found a few more amazing online stores which will become my new obsessions very soon. Oh, and I really want this top and cardigan..

Sucks that I saw it on a fashion site and not an online store though. 

I also had such a good dinner today: soup, freshly baked bread with a side of salad and halloumi. YUM! And, one more thing before I get back to being a studying nazi, I am so thankful for people that are willing to listen sometimes because getting things off my chest is one of the most relieving feelings I know. 

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