Wednesday, December 14, 2011

cut me down

I just finished some biology study and reading is next on the agenda but a lab-report wasn't produced today and a world literature assignment wasn't touched either. I'm so annoyed because I finished the world literature assignment and handed it in for what I thought was the final time then I was told I was over the word count and need to cut down 200 + words. Cutting out words from an essay that already felt really short may be one of the hardest tasks I know, it's like being given a whole pizza and then being told you are only allowed one piece of it. Ok not at all, but you get the drift of me not being happy over having to cut down my essay.
Speaking of pizza though, here's a picture I stole from Julia's blog from the pizza/sushi/movie night at Derya's last week. Best pizza your tastebuds will ever experience, I promise you.

The thought of this pizza almost makes me drool..

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