Friday, December 2, 2011


I know this girl named Derya,
She doesn't come from Kenya,
She was born in Sweden with turk in her blood,
And she most certainly is not a dud.

The things she likes would make some call her odd,
But to me, I approve of her activites with a nod,
Star trek, gay porn, backpacks and tumblr is her life,
as well as the Beatles, apple, aliens and the study she can't sacrifice.

She prefers rainy weather to the days you can go to the beach,
And to go out at night is something bad she will preach,
For music she's in to Nicky Minaj and the Beibs of course,
And at school she always hits me with powerful force.

She may be one of the most "special" people I know,
But without her in my life it'd be like a swedish winter with no snow.

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