Friday, October 28, 2011

unnecessary thoughts

Just a few things going on in my head right now:
Fuck yes to holidays finally being here, facebook's getting more and more boring, wonder what I'll find at the second hand shop tomorrow, I feel sick, I miss Australia and everything in it, I wish I ate pizza for dinner tonight, those nachos I ate were pretty tasty, I can't wait to go shopping next week, I really want to go swimming, I really need to lose weight before I can be seen in a bikini, I regret eating that ice cream tonight, I really need to get a bit browner before I can be seen in a bikini, I feel like watching a movie, I'm tired, My hair looks shit but I have no idea what to do with it, amongst a massive amount of other things..
Pretty amazing how many thoughts we all have running through our minds every single second of every single day, but now it's time for me to try and slow down my thought process a bit by laying in my bed and getting cosy to a film I'm about to watch online.

Someone please just tell me what to do with my hair so I can stop spending so much time wondering how I will ever have nice hair again.

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