Thursday, September 29, 2011

health nut

I have no lessons tomorrow which means a long weekend which results in a very happy Emma. Tonight there was late night shopping and I went for a look around with my aunty and mum and I got some gel that I am meant to put in water or tea two times a day that will supposedly rid me of my forever-existant stomach problems. I might also make another trip to the chemist tomorrow to pick up some more stuff to help me get  back on track health-wise because I can tell you that it is no fun constantly feeling sick and having stomach pains.

Ultimate wish list: Aloe vera juice, Goji berry juice, nuts and dried fruits (snacking with shitty food has become a bad habbit of mine), 5-day detox plan (to clean out all the shitty stuff currently residing in my body), shaker and powder to help with digesting food (friend in my class has this which made me really curious to have a try of it myself).

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