Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Packin' up

Tomorrow is going to be the day I will have to leave Australia once more to go live in the north of Sweden. Looking over my holiday back at home, I have had such an amazing time and although I didn't get to see everyone as much as I would've liked, I know there will always be next year..when everyone will finally be 18!
Today is just a matter of packing, saying my last goodbyes to my friends at dinner (already had a goodbye at breakfast this morning too) and either going out to mona for the last time or spending a night in with the family depending on my mood. I also had my last boost juice today as well as my last drive for a year :( On the plus side however I got a haircut and some new very much needed black leggings.
Well I guess this is goodbye for now, until I am back in Sweden when I will make a post of how my travels went and my plans for the rest of my holidays.

 Keen for some summer days <3 


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  1. Det enda problemet är ju att de e höst här nu... o riktigt kallt :P