Sunday, July 31, 2011

filthy mexicans

I've had enough good times this week to make me a happy chappy despite it not being as eventful as others. Thursday was my night out, a good one at that, friday was at home with my friend (Sarah ie wife ie best friend), saturday was surfing and getting my cartilage done with another friend (Claire) and then staying over at my friends house (Sarah) where we took some..interesting pics on her photobooth,  and sunday was lunch with the family and then city to meet up with another friend.
I also parted with some of my clothes this weekend because I can't take everything back to Sweden with me so Sarah is going to borrow them for a year, lucky bastard, but luckily I got some comfy pj pants and a really nice dress in return.

definately my favourite picture of the night :) (in my mind she looks like a filthy mexican in this picture)

Next weekend just so happens to be my last weekend in Australia which really sucks balls as I am not keen in the slightest to return to the north of Sweden anytime soon. All I have to say now though is next weekend shall be fucking epic. 

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