Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's the little things that make everything good

My day ended up being really good today because I only had two lessons which didn't require me to do any hard work at all, I bought myself a new dress while I was getting a present for my mum for mothers day (in Sweden) this sunday, and I made plans to go out on friday night.

This dress was actually really cheap and can be easily either casual or worn out if I add a chunky belt, some accessories and heels.

I just wanted to show that I'd painted my nails grey which actually ended up matching the dress and I wacked on a really old ring because I felt like it :)

I am so excited for the weekend now, but I'm starting to get worried that my mum won't like the nightie I got her :S She did say that she was in desperate need of some PJs though so hopefully she likes it.

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