Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday favourites

Yet another week has passed, meaning its getting closer until I go home and summer holidays is just around the corner. It also means that I should have had some spain pics and clothes pics up that I promised, but they will be up on monday...I promise!
I am heading off to Kalix (where my mums parents live and where we have a summer cottage) tonight because my friend couldn't go out clubbing anymore which I am pretty devastated over but I guess that just means that it will make me look even more forward to the next time I go out. This also means no internet for me until Sunday when I get home because my grandma doesn't have any internet access at hers. So make sure to have a great weekend!

Ok, this week I have become even more obsessed than usual with free people clothes. They are pretty expensive but they have so much nice clothes that always look really good. The pictures here are summer outfits seeing as summer is coming up in Sweden but next week I'll try to find some good winter clothing which will be more suited to the upcoming weather in Australia.

I actually need to buy a maxi skirt, I am so in love with them.

You can find these outfits and more clothes by free people on their website:

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