Saturday, February 26, 2011


My day started off with releasing my inner animal at an afro power class at the gym, which is something I am scared to ever go through again. Then once I was showered, full from lunch and had achieved some maths study I went for a walk to the shops in search for some new tights. Luckily I found a shop that was selling 3 pairs of tights for the price of 2 and ended up getting 3 pairs that I can't wait to start wearing out as soon as the weather gets warmer. Thought I would put up a picture of one of the pairs that I thought were really cute. (Kind of hard to see them but they are black tights with small beige/pink coloured bows on them.)

Now it's time for me to eat the pastry and chocolate I also bought at the shops whilst watching a new episode of gossip girl online. I have never had such an amazing time being home alone in my life. 

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