Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finding things to do

Having the place to yourself is usually pretty great, but when you have no study to occupy yourself with and when you don't have a job because you go to university six hours away from where you live, it really isn't that great. The fact that most of my friends here are either working most of the time or don't have their uni break yet makes the situation a whole lot more boring.
Despite this, I have been trying to keep myself busy. I have done the washing and some cleaning, I have spent lots of time on making myself tasty and healthy food, I have watched some TV shows from my computer, I have read a fair bit, I have been going on lots of walks, and I have been seeing friends when they are free. Last night I went out for dinner in Manly with Mitchell and I had a super delicious burger with possibly the best chips I have ever eaten, and today I met up with Alysha in Warriewood to go for a walk.
So things are still looking up. All I need now is a day that is hot enough to allow me to go for a swim at the beach.

Tonight I am going to just make myself some dinner and watch sone TV or a movie and have an early night, because early nights are a rare thing these days.. Uni has definitely screwed up all of my sleeping patterns.

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