Sunday, April 13, 2014

21st celebrations

Thought I would post just a few photos from my 21st.
The party definitely lived up to my expectations and I was so happy to just see everyone and catch up with a few old but familiar faces. Couldn't have asked for a better bunch of friends and family! 
My mum also bought a book for people to write in there and reading over it just made me appreciate everything even more. I also received some really great presents, so I am definitely feeling pretty lucky after this weekend.
Yesterday was spent saying goodbye to Sam, Flick, Pip, and Jeremy who all stayed at mine afterwards, recovering (i.e. napping and feeling sorry for myself), talking to my grandma in Sweden on the phone, and having an extremely early night. 
Today I woke up sick so I have been having a pretty slow day. I started an introduction for my social psychology assignment which is proving a lot harder than I initially expected, and read a chapter for my motivation and emotion subject. I'm slowly getting somewhere with study at least..
I really hope I am better by Wednesday though because I have a few plans for my birthday which I am really looking forward to :)

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