Saturday, October 26, 2013


I've oficially been home for a week and it feels like so much has happened already.
I saw Tyler at the beach, saw Mark at the mall, applied for a volunteer position, enrolled in a trimester 3 unit, got a job starting at the end of November, saw Claire and Chantelle, went to lunch with my mum at the shops and got some new clothes, did some driving, had dinner with Claire at Dee Why hotel, went to the markets with my parents and got some more clothes, went to dinner at Declan's house with Isaac, Claire, Dom, Courtney and Ted, talked to Sam on the phone a few times, realised how shitty long distance is already, etc, etc.

Today I'm meant to be meeting Sarah at some point and on Wednesday I have plans to see Alysha. Next weekend I'm going to a halloween party, and otherwise I just have plans to exercise, go to the beach as often as I can and study. I also have the potential to get a babysitting job so hopefully that works out seeing as making some money over these holidays is a must. I'm trying to save up for a new computer because mine is just slow, big and old.
Other things to look forward to these holidays are Shannon's 21st, Sam coming to Sydney, New Years of course, and a family holiday in Byron in early January.

So I have a lot of good things going on and a lot of good things coming my way. I feel like I'm going to  have a pretty busy holidays but I do like to keep myself occupied so it's going to be great :)

I also got my psychology final exam marks back yesterday and I got 92% (!!!!) Completely stoked about that. Now it's just a matter of seeing how I went in the other three subjects I did.

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