Monday, August 12, 2013


I finally handed in that mother f-er of an essay yesterday. Now that it's out of the way I can start to catch up on some work and start the two other essays I have due in the next few weeks.
I also got the results back from an online quiz yesterday and I did terribly, but luckily I am still sitting on a distinction in the subject so I just need to make sure I do really well in the next few quizzes.. ahh pressure :\
This is my last week of classes as well, then I'll be on holidays for two weeks. Unfortunately I'll be staying up in Armidale so I can catch up on everything and potentially get ahead with classes because I haven't been entirely on top of everything this trimester. My sickness is also slowly dying out which is one of the best feelings. So I guess some things are good right now, some are making me a bit stressed out. But I'm sure everything will work itself out in the holidays. My parents will be meeting me up in Bellingen for a few days then they'll take me back to Armidale and stay a night here, so at least I have something apart from studying to look forward to :)

Otherwise, not much else is going on.
Once photos from ball come up on facebook I'll post some on here (ball was on Saturday).

Adios for now.

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