Thursday, July 4, 2013

When my gay dads came to visit

Week one has come to an end and Tyler and Aj left for Sydney this morning. Textbooks are bought, lectures are done for the week, plenty of alcohol has been consumed, caution tape has been worn as a "dress" (which I then had to cut myself out of because I lost circulation and could not breathe, so a garbage bag was worn as my ABC costume instead) and Back to School tickets have been purchased.

Really going to miss having my two gay dads around though. Not too sure they appreciate me calling me that but they did tuck me in to bed, pick me up from class, take me out to lunch, take me on car trips and watch a movie with me, so it seems perfectly fitting to refer to them as that.
Now I just have some readings to catch up on then I might watch some Scrubs or Gossip Girl episodes later tonight and just have a cozy night in bed.

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