Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hungover, yet again

Planned on only have a few drinks last night at the black light party. The night ended with my head in a bin vomiting a fair few times.
I am serious this time when I say that I really do need to cut back on the drinking. I've spent my whole day hungover and completely avoiding a research essay worth 40% of my grade that's due in August.
My body isn't exactly benefitting from all this drinking either.

I have been keeping up with exercising though so hopefully my body does appreciate that one. Tomorrow I have no classes but I intend on spending my day working on my essay, studying for an online test and doing some readings.
However, for tonight I'm just going to have an early night and hope that I wake up feeling so much better than I do right now.


  1. Be careful. 15 years ago when I was your age and at university I used to tell myself the same thing. Flash forward 15 years and I finally got my drinking problem under control in the last year. It's a very slippery slope that only gets worse as you age, trust me. When you are 20 you forget that you are at your body's physical peak so that youthful energy combats much of detrimental effects alcohol would normally be having on your health and your life. Just a word to the wise because many of us alcoholics started off partying just like you. There is also the old adage; if you worry about how much you're drinking, then you probably already have a problem. Doesn't mean you are necessarily an alcoholic, but remember normal drinkers don't even think about that. Good Luck!