Thursday, April 4, 2013


Just finished my media assignment which came up with 0% plagiarism (WIN!). I still have a PSYC104 assessment to hand in on Sunday that I haven't started, but it's only 200 words so hopefully it isn't too hard to get out of the way. Another thing to get done is my online test for PSYC101. Seriously can't wait until everything is done.
On Saturday I have the CAB Ball to go to with the theme 'above and below the sea', then recovery on Sunday. So at least I have something to look forward to over the weekend. It's also only a week until I go home :)
As sad as it is, I am going to try spend a lot of my spare time over my holidays to catch up on study in my units and start some assignments due a but later one. Just because I'm a nerd and want to make my work load a bit easier for later on.
Also have my birthday and party to look forward to over the holidays, so at least my break won't consist of just uni stuff.

70 days until one of my favourite people comes to visit me in Aus!!

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