Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the go

I've actually accomplished quite a bit today. I saw Alysha, Matt and AJ this morning at the movies where we saw The Hobbit, which ended up being a lot better than I expected. After we had grabbed something to eat, I headed home then to the dentist with my brother only a few minutes later. Once I got home again, my brother showed me how to cook a particular meal (meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti-for when I move out), then I read through a lot of material for my uni courses as well as looked up books I need to buy before I start. I also managed to pack some of my clothes and shoes in to boxes and bags earlier tonight. Achievement!

Dinner last night was a lot of fun and it was great to see a few friends together before I leave (tips: go to the chilli club in Narrabeen and order a Pad Thai if you ever come to the Northern Beaches). Alysha and I also ended up going back to Tianne and Chantelle's afterwards for a few drinks before we headed off.
I'm pretty excited for the rest of the week, as I have plans every day and I get to see a bunch of amazing people before Sunday (the day I leave).

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