Friday, December 21, 2012

Still alive

The two most recent photos from my instagram (emmapaaayne).

The days leading up to christmas have been spent going for a swim, working (of course), grabbing lunch with Sarah, saying goodbye to Claire, taking my first ever santa photo, buying new sunnies, surviving the apocolypse (that I never even thought would happen, for that matter) and finishing off all my christmas present buying.

I've also updated my post-christmas shopping list now it looks like this:
- Heels for New Years
- Bikini
- Belt
- Clothes for summer
- Handbag
- Necklace
Basically the same as before really..
Yep, I am ridiculously keen for the after christmas sales if you can't already tell. The sales here are usually pretty insane though, so it's a good reason to be excited.

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