Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random happenings

Photos I was sending to Derya when I was attempting to make my own unicorn horn. and failed a bit at it.

More photos from Friday at Claire's before we headed over to Alysha's.

Photo from this website that was taken of me while I was at work. Vote for me yeah? I think I actually get some sort of prize if I win..I think..

This morning. Looking worried for some reason..

A few random shots from Friday to today. 
Yesterday I spent a few hours with Sarah grabbing lunch, getting part of Joyce's (brothers girlfriend) christmas present and makeup stuff for myself from Priceline and chilling at Mark's for a bit. 
I went to the beach this morning for a swim with dad which was so refreshing. Gave me faith that this summer is going to be amazing, because the water was just that nice. Spent my day with a friend watching the IT crowd (if you haven't watched it yet, you haven't lived) and going for a walk. Plans for tomorrow are meeting Sophie for lunch in Mona and possibly training in the morning if my muscles will actually allow it. 
Friday I'm going to the city at night for Hattie's 19th and on Thursday, who knows. Hopefully seeing and doing something with a friend or my brother and Joyce (also known as Moyce).

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