Saturday, December 29, 2012

Manly, brunch and NYE

Drunken pre-Manly selfies from last night and today's outfit, wearing my new jumpsuit, necklace and new-ish shoes (from Avalon market day) with spikes on them. Also my new iphone case, bought a few days ago (if you can even see it well).

Yesterday I was out in Mantown with a group of people and had a pretty average night. Some things did happen to make the night pretty good though. Today I went out for brunch with the parentals then back to Manly with Alysha briefly then in to the city and back with her. Made my day so much more entertaining and go so much quicker.
Tomorrow I'm off to Alysha's to help her sort out things for tomorrow night then I can finally start partying in to the new year.

Time for me to write out my resolutions for next year (actually fulfilled all mine from last year which is a first!). Will post what I bought in the sales next week sometime.
Hope everyone has a good New Year's and that 2013 is good to you all!

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