Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shark Bar

Obligatory drunken photos from the most recent night out at Shark Bar.

I've had quite a full week and weekend, exactly the way I like it. I did end up driving my dad to the Central Coast during the week, giving me 3 more hours on my Ls. On Saturday I drove again to Newtown, where I saw a movie with my mum and dad (The Intouchables, such an amazing movie that I highly recommend). Afterwards we headed to Manly for some drinks where I also met Claire to do some birthday present shopping for Sarah and Chantelle. Claire also came back to mine to get ready because we went out to Manly, for my first time at a club there, that night.
Today I went for a swim at Freshie beach in the morning with my dad, then had a chai tea afterwards, looking out in to the water. When I got home I saw a text aksing me to work at Warriewood for 3 hours, which I did from 12-3. When I got home I chilled a bit then went down to Curl Curl beach and spent 3 hours down there walking and talking with some comapny. Now I'm finally home, and ready for some reading then bed very soon. Nothing better than lying down in a cosy bed at the end of a busy day.

And plans for the week coming up? I have an appointment for my hair tomorrow, Chantelle is staying over for two nights, I'm going to a birthday dinner with some friends, helping my brother movie some stuff out of uni, and who knows what else.

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