Friday, November 23, 2012

city, sleep, surf

Eye makeup I did on Claire that doesn't really show up, at all, because of my phone's shitty quality 

Bus ride back

So a new drunken tradition Claire and I seem to have created is taking really bad phone selfies just before we go out somewhere. Last night we decided to head to the city and Alysha, who turned 19 today, joined us for the first time. We went to Chinese Laundry, which was really good and afterwards to Scary Canary, not as good, before we got a bus back and crashed at mine.
This morning I went for a swim/surf with Claire, Alysha, my dad, brother, uncle and cousins which was refreshing after 3 hours sleep. I was meant to be working today but wasn't needed in the end so today is going to be spent eating, napping and doing shit all. Might also go out for birthday dinner for Alysha tonight if she's keen.
Excited for the city next week with Sarah (during the day) and Alysha and Adele's party that is finally coming up.

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