Sunday, November 18, 2012

people to see, places to be

So I've had a pretty crazy weekend. I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2 with Alysha on Friday, which wasn't as good as part one in my opinion. There was one epic part, which just got completely ruined and made the whole movie bad again.
On Saturday I went to Avalon markets, stupidly forgot to wear sunscreen and got incredibly burnt. I did get to spend time with Sarah and Alysha though which was good, and I also bought two new pairs of shoes for $50 (the silver shoes in one of the pictures was one of them). Afterwards I headed over to Claire's to chill for a bit, then we drove to Chantelle's boyfriends place with a cake to give her for her birthday and to just say a quick hello. That night I also learnt how to drive a manual car with my brother's friend. Complete fail.
Yesterday I worked for 4 hours at Warriewood. I met Mark afterwards where we drove around with two of his friends for a while, then got dropped at his and took his dog for a walk, had dinner and had a spa at some random apartment building.
I Just got home from staying in Mona last night and now I'm about to go for a drive with dad.
Such a quick summary of this weekend but it'll have to do.
Only bad thing was that I missed out on seeing Klara while she was in Sydney, thank god she'll be back though.

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