Monday, October 8, 2012

Europe trip: Rome

Ok a bit later than I said but here it is..

After the French Riviera we were on our way to Italy. On the way to Rome, we stopped at Pisa for a few hours so we had a chance to see the leaning tower (which I tried getting some pictures with that didn't work out too well). I also had the best coconut gelato of my life there just before we left, which was much needed due to the 30 degree heat (hadn't had a summer in two years so I was just about dying).
Once we arrived in Rome, the group went to see the Trevi fountain and the Colosseum but I was unable to join them because I was too sick. The next day we did a tour of the Vatican City which was both beautiful and interesting, before we were left to our own devices to do whatever we wanted in Rome. I went for lunch with a few people in my group and had an italian pizza (a must when in italy) after which I headed off to the hospital with Liz.
Unfortunately Rome wasn't that great an experience for me because all I got to see there was the Vatican City, as beautiful as it was, and I spent 6 hours of my time in a hospital. Italian hospitals are now my least favourite thing in the world because my experience there was constantly being ignored, being moved around all the time without being told why, having needles put in my bum, having someone look at my throat with a light from their iphone, being surrounded by sick people in beds all through the hallways and trying to understand Italian because none of the doctors spoke english. They told me I had tonsilitis, which actually turned out to be gladular fever which I found out when I came home to Australia. All that waiting to be told I have something that I actually didn't, ugh don't get me started.    
If I got the chance to go to Italy again, I would easily do it because I feel like I never got to see as much as I would've liked.

Next stop: Florence. (Just realised that I went to Florence before Rome, so next post will be Florence. Sorry about the confusion but just so we're all on the same page, this is the correct order of the trip so far: London, Paris, Switzerland, French Riviera, Florence, Rome).

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