Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Since getting back to Sydney I've been up to a few things and making some plans for the rest of the week. On sunday morning I went out to breakfast with my family at Bill's (some breakfast place in the city) then we drove over to Balmain and had a look at the market going on there. I bought a bustier style top for $7 and some Motel pants for $5.
Yesterday I went with my parents to IKEA beacuse they needed to pick up a few things for the apartment. I found some new sheets there for my bed that my dad got for me. We had lunch in the shopping centre afterwards and I ate the spiciest mango chicken and vege samosa that almost killed me, but luckily my dad owed me a boost (for coming to keep him company while my mum went crazy in IKEA) that washed the indian food down.
Today I met up with Sarah at the square where I bought two pairs of shoes for $30 from Rubi and a spinach and ricotta roll for lunch. We got a bus to Bilgola beach when we were done there, where we just chilled on the beach for a few hours.
Tomorrow is my first shift at work and on Thursday I'm probably going out to Mona with a few friends.

P.s. I'll post some pictures in a few days of the things I've bought this week. Sorry for being so slow with pictures and not taking as many as I've promised to (told you it would take a while to get used to taking more pictures from my every day life) but I've been fairly busy lately and haven't had enough time to blog properly.       

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