Wednesday, September 19, 2012

new makeup

Left to right: Rimmel wake me up foundation. Maxfactor 2000 calorie dramatic volume mascara, Maybelline babylips lip balm.  

I dropped in to Target quickly today to pick up some makeup products I was in need of. I've tried out the lip balm already and it is actually really really good. It smells amazing, it's really soft on my lips and I like the packaging (easy to chuck in a handbag to bring with me when I go out somewhere).   
I already had foundation and mascara at home but I didn't really like either of them. I regret buying and wouldn't reccommend:
Maybelline Fit Me foundation: 
-Bad colour range and coverage. Mine was the wrong colour for my skin so it brought out the red tones in my face. 
-It dried my skin out a bit as I have extremely dry skin/
-Hard to blend in to my skin.
Covergirl lash blast mascara: 
- Didn't seperate my lashes very well.
- Didn't give my lashes much volume at all. 

(Once I've tried out the new foundation and mascara, I'll give them a quick mention in a post saying if I reccommend them or not, just in case anyone was thinking about buying either).

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