Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conception day, car trips, croissants and undie shopping

My weekend was pretty crazy but definitely in a good way. On Friday I headed off to Macquarie uni with some people I knew from high school. I got to see all the bands I wanted to and more, ended up second row for Van She, went on bumper cars, ate a pretty good vege burger, had conversations with random drunk people, got popcorn thrown in to my eye and got a lift to Mona afterwards, where I bought a pizza from Dominos. Also saw some people I hadn't seen yet since I got back outside Dominos and ran up and attacked them with hugs, as you do. Amazing day all up and 100% wortth the $70 I paid for my ticket. After I got my pizza, I headed over to Mark's house and chilled with him and his ferrets before Claire came a bit later on to join us. Also got a lift home which made my day just that much better.

Saturday morning I went second-hand shopping with mum and found three tops and two dresses (lost one dress though which has just dissappeared off the face of the planet it seems). Afterwards I did a quick trip to Chatswood with Alsyha because she needed something for photography, which nobody had, so we just looked in a few shops and bought an easyway before heading back. When I got home I had to get changed, eat something, put some makeup on and go to the mall to help Claire with her uni assignment that I promised to help with a few days before. That night I was also back at the mall to meet up with a friend from primary school to see the Dark Knight Rises (go see it!).

Sunday was less eventful but still just as good because mum and I took a trip to visit my nan for an hour. On the way home we stopped off and bought almond croissants, coffee, bread and a chai tea for me from the nicest bakery place ever.

Today has just consisted of being on my computer and going underwear shopping with my mum and my brothers girlfriend. Rest of the week? Not sure yet, but I will be traveling up to Queensland in 9 days so I have something else to look forward to now.      

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