Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh hey there, just rolling with my thoughts

I used to be so scared of change but living on the other side of the world for two years taught me to embrace change. I dream of going on roadtrips to places I've never been before, traveling to every continent and gaining more knowledge about different places and about doing things that I once never dared to. Growing up and the future were other things that used to scare me, but now all I can think about is that the future holds so many exciting adventures just waiting around the corner for me. Weird how my mind starts to wander when I'm given so much free time to think..

Not sure where I was going with that, was just getting excited for some plans I want to start making in my life. I have however been doing some more thinking about this blog lately. I want to change things a bit, not really in a big way, I just have a few small ideas that I think would be pretty cool. Not going to say so much more because the ideas are still all over the place but just giving whoever you are sitting somewhere in the world reading this a little heads up. Beware of change.

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