Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Finland is exactly where I found myself today and also where I picked up a few things that I am extremely happy over. I found a pair of pjs that I can take to Europe with me for half price, socks and a pair of black knitted shorts similar to the ones in my previous post (I originally wanted cream but there weren't any there and I thought black still looked nice). I also tried on some really nice cream lace shorts that I desperately want, but the knitted shorts were cheaper and comfier so they came home with me instead. I do plan on looking out for some lace shorts in New york though, along with a pair of white converse. 
Next shopping trip I'll be looking for a top to wear with my new shorts (no idea how to style them, tips anyone??) and possibly some studs to attach to a back pocket of my denim shorts that I bought a few days ago. 
Always exciting with new clothes, if only I had the money to go shopping more often..

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