Tuesday, May 22, 2012

you've done it again

RIP Morfar.
The second family member in only a matter of months. It makes me so angry that someone who was as independent and strong at his age could break his arm, go to hospital, get very sick while he was there, then just be taken away all so quickly. It also makes me angry that I never even got the chance to see him under the time he was in hospital because of exams. I didn't even know, until a few days ago, that it he had become so weak and sick. I hate having to deal with emotions, because I'm just not strong enough to deal with things like someone I love being ripped out of my life.
He was a man of little words but someone that you couldn't help but love anyway, he never expressed his feelings but you just knew how much he loved you from the look in his eyes everytime he saw you. And even though getting a hug from him was rare, it was so special when you did.
Death, can you please stop doing this to me? I don't know how much more pain I can take.

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