Friday, May 25, 2012

one step closer

Last night was the last night I slept in the apartment I've called "home" for the past two years or so and it feels so weird being at my aunty's now knowing that I am one step closer to being home (my real hom that is) again. I can't believe how quickly everything has gone but I'm glad things are moving forward because for once the future is a place I really want to be.
Apart from reflecting on time that has passed, these past few days have involved cleaning and moving things out of the apartment, discussions of my morfars funeral and thinking of the last few things I need to sort out for formal. Despite previous promises, this blog has been slightly neglected but once this whole moving business is completely over, and my days consist mostly of lying in the sun in my aunty's yard, then I shall definitely direct more attention towards where my thoughts and daily happenings are written down.
So brb while I get a few things sorted out..

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