Monday, April 16, 2012

God help me, I was only 19

Chucked on my favourite new jeans, my second hand denim shirt and a pair of converse I bought in Paris this morning before I was picked up by Jenny and Veronica and bought a piece of cake and some juice at Opalen. 

My birthday cake made by my mum.

Birthday flowers from mum. 

And finally my presents. I recieved a wallet and 3 eyeshadows from my aunty, a bag from my cousin that she made herself, money from my grandparents, and two singlet tops (I have the other one on me and counldn't be bothered to take it off for the photo, but it's just plain white), a peace sign necklace, a 300kr Monki gift card and of course my booked trip to Europe from my parents. 

Despite my birthday being so close to exams and today being the first day back at school, I managed to have a pretty amazing 19th birthday. Tomorrow it's going to be back to intense study and freaking out over exams though, so it was nice to have a little break from all the exam-frenzy constantly encircling me.

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