Monday, April 9, 2012

don't know much about biology

Having a dad that snores like an elephant and keeps you up all night takes its toll on your body.

My cousin and I :) No idea what I was doing.. 

So taking pictures while I was away this weekend never really happened but I got some photos from my dad taken from his phone, that I promised I would post (pictures from Ireland will come later because I don't have any yet). This weekend, I spent some time on the ice going skiing, walking, snow-scootering (if that's even a word?) amongst various other things, shoved my mouth with the lollies I got for easter, ate some amazing waffles in a little cottage that my mum and I skied to and studied like a mad-woman too. The studying part may not sound like so much fun, and trust me it isn't, but the feeling of accomplishment and knowing I'm working towards a goal can feel pretty good sometimes.

Speaking of study, time to get a bit more of that done, then tonight's plans consist of American pie the reunion and an early night as I can barely keep my eyes open now.

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