Sunday, April 1, 2012

been there, done that

Dark brown, light brown, dark orange, long, red, bright orange, "ombre" and short hair are all things I've tried and tested before. It feels weird looking at older pictures of myself and being like, was that really me? Kind of cool too to see how much one person can change over just a few years or even months. Not as cool looking at old photos and realising how different my body looks though..
My weekend hasn't been all that exciting with all the studying I'm forcing myself in to, but procrastination led me to looking through old photos which has lead me to the conclusion that I never want orange hair again and that next time I have long hair, I'm leaving it that way. See, you really do learn from your mistakes.

Just if you were wondering...The reason I'm looking at my old hairstyles/colours specifically is because I'm dyeing it soon, as I've already mentioned (as soon as I actually go buy some dye) and my mum is going to book a hair appointment for my formal within this coming week so I'm trying to work out what colour I should have this time and which colour will be best for formal.

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