Sunday, March 18, 2012

travel log

So turns out speed traveliing really takes it's toll on your body with the early mornings, late nights and the never-ending walking. Something else that takes a toll on your body is the lack of sleep from having a dad that snores like no other.Despite that, I can't even begin to explain all the things I've done so far, all the amazing people I've met and everything I love about the places I've seen in this short amount of time. Turns out St Patricks day in Ireland is so much bigger and better than anyone could imagine and that Portugese tarts really are the tastiest in Portugal. I have one more full day in Lisbon then I'm off to London on Tuesday morning for some shopping and to see some family then it's back to Boden on Wednesday. Also back to my studies which I've been able to completely ignore this week. But as they say, when on holidays, be on holidays (I don't think anyone actually says that but it makes a good excuse as to why I haven't even thought about school work).

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