Friday, March 9, 2012

si och så, då och då

Why must I be so hot? No but seriously, why am I ever let out in to public?

Turns out that I've been pretty good at updating this week despite going through the mocks from hell. I've suffered through 10 tests this week and have only 5 more to go next week, then freedom!
Tonight I've stuffed myself with pizza, soft drink and lollies, which has left me feeling like my stomach is about to explode. Worth it though. Tomorrow's plans are study, lunch with the family and maybe watching the finals of melodifestivalen, so nothing too exciting. As for Sunday, looks like it'll be more study, finishing off a few assessments and not too sure about the rest. So there you go, a weekend in the life of Emma.

And next week I'm seeing my dad, which I've already mentioned a ridiculous amount of time, but fuck so keen to get away for a bit.

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