Wednesday, March 14, 2012

london, dublin, lisbon here I come

I'm sorry, but how could you not find him cute? and how could you not fall in love with his voice when he sings? Despite the fact that he looks like he just turned 12..
Besides the fact that I'm turning in to some kind of teenage fangirl, I'm finally leaving for London, Dublin and Lisbon tomorrow. I just have to drop some things off at school in the morning then get on a bus, then get a lift to the airport, then get on a plane, then get on another plane, then I will finally see my dad again after 6 months of being away from him. Good stuff right there. 
(My flight leaves at 1:10pm tomorrow by the way, not 4 or 5pm like I said, because I'm a retard and decided not to keep a track of anything until the day before).

Not sure how often I'll be posting while I'm gone, depends on whether I have internet access, but I'll make sure to take some photos while I'm gone and do a small photobomb once I'm back. 

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